Cervical Cancer in Norfolk

3,200 women get cervical cancer each year, 50 in Norfolk

1,000 women die each year, approximately 16 in Norfolk

If you are in one of the above groups you are at greater risk of developing cervical cancer. Now, more than ever, you need to protect yourself, by:

Attending regular cervical screening

The NHS offers screening every 3 years (25-49-year olds) or 5 years (50- 64-year olds). Cervical screening looks for the HPV infection, all in less than 5 minutes. Don’t forget to read the Comfort Checklist before your appointment.

Ensuring children receive the HPV vaccination

This vaccination is safe and effective. It protects against high risk virus strains and is given to boys and girls in two doses, across two academic years (Year 8 & 9)

If you are finding it difficult to book a screening appointment or get a vaccination due to Covid-19, please put a reminder in your diary!