Get Involved

As a very young Charity with a key objective of working with partners to make a difference to women’s lives provides us with opportunities for everyone to become directly involved in working with us and fundraising as well as providing the opportunity for you to have an indirect involvement in supporting us.  Involvement is easy and every fundraiser or participant in local and overseas activities plays an important role in supporting the work of UKKC in in the UK and with our partners overseas.  

There are several ways in which you and your family, friends and colleagues can get involved and in this part of our site, we concentrate on the following two examples.

Working with Us

Where we provide opportunities for everyone to support us in the UK and travelling abroad, see the following examples.

Become an ambassador

We are currently looking for individuals who would like to volunteer to help us from time to time, if you are interested, contact us.

Adventure Challenge

Join us on a wonderful adventure challenge where you can get to know yourself better whilst helping others. More info here.


If you’re looking to host an event, big or small, would like to sell ribbons on our behalf, or donate a percentage of sales to us, you’ll need to fill in our link Fundraiser Registration Form. If your activity is approved we’ll issue you with an Authority to Fundraise for UKCC.

When filling out the form you will be asked if you would like to raise funds to help support any of our Overseas programmes or UK based projects. Whichever you choose, you’ll be helping to reduce the incidence and suffering caused by cervical cancer for ALL women.

UKCC, working in partnership with ACCF is a young charity with a very big mission – to see the end of cervical cancer both in the UK and overseas. As ACCF’s Scientific Advisor and Co-Inventor of the Cervical Cancer Vaccine, Professor Ian Frazer AC said, “cervical cancer should be an entirely preventable disease”. Why is it that more than 270,000 women around the world each year die from this disease?