UK Activities and Programmes

UK Cervical Cancer sees a future where preventing Cervical Cancer is within reach both in the UK and other parts of the world.


Our mission is to advance the health of the public in the UK or elsewhere. We aim to:

Provide education and conduct research about the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer and other women’s diseases and cancers;

Facilitate medical screening, vaccination and treatment of people affected by cervical and similar cancers;

Promote to the public the advancement of health and the saving of lives through screening, treatment and vaccination for cancer and particularly cervical cancer;

Provide support and relief to those in need who are affected directly or indirectly by cervical cancer and other related women’s diseases and cancers.

UK Cervical Cancer Comfort Check List

Introducing the UK Cervical Cancer Comfort Checklist for a more comfortable cervical screening experience

The Norfolk Project

UK Cervical Cancer has recently launched “The Norfolk Project”, in conjunction with the National Lottery Fund, to raise awareness of cervical screening and vaccination in the Norfolk region. The aim of the project is to target as many individuals as possible, and:

  1. Encourage all women to attend regular cervical screening. This is vitally important as statistics show that 25% of women in Norfolk have missed their screening appointment. Last year there were approximately 50 cases of cervical cancer in the region with 16 dying for the disease.
  2. Educate schoolchildren and their carers’ on the importance of the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination. Over 15% of children in Norfolk have not completed the full vaccination course; which is concerning as vaccination is the most effective prevention against future risk of cervical cancer.

In particular, this project is hoping to access, and engage with, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups of individuals who are at a greater risk of Cervical cancer. Research suggests that these individuals are from ethnic minority groups, those with mental and physical disabilities; women who have suffered domestic violence and; transgender men and non-binary individuals. All of this is even more important in light of Covid-19, which has seen a rise in delays to cervical screening and vaccination.

UK Cervical Cancer will be reaching out to various sectors and organisations in the community (Medical Practices; Schools; Women’s Groups, Community Groups, Ethnic and Religious Organisations) to help distribute various resources (including flyers and the UK Cervical Cancer “Comfort Checklist”) to raise awareness of screening and vaccination. We are really interested in hearing from any organisations (and volunteers) that can help us access disadvantaged and deprived groups of individuals and help us to spread the message of Cervical cancer prevention further.

Please contact us at [email protected] or via our website. We would love to hear from you!

Coming soon….the UK Cervical Cancer App!

We are currently developing an app to promote a healthy cervix and avoid cervical cancer.

The App educates women of all ages about their cervix; what it is, its role in the body, how to prevent cervical cancer, the link to the HPV virus, and general tips for regular health checks.

It includes a fun quiz to test your cervix knowledge, and a handy reminder service to get a pap-test – to ensure women never forget to be screened.

It will also helps women with support services including a Cervical Health Info Line and an option to read and share inspirational stories about UK women who have had cervical cancer.