Who We Are

UK Cervical Cancer sees a future where the complete prevention of cervical cancer is within the reach of all us both in the UK and other parts of the world.

Every 2 minutes, somewhere in the world, a family is grieving the loss of its wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt or friend from cervical cancer. However cervical cancer should be entirely preventable, and in knowing the steps for prevention, women should not be dying as often as they are from this hidden disease.

At UK Cervical Cancer we are fighting for a cervical cancer free future. We are committed to reducing the suffering and pain associated with cervical cancer for women living at a disadvantage. Enhancing and protecting women’s health remains at the forefront of everything we do which is why we are working towards the facilitation of programmes in the UK that focus on education, awareness and support, especially in areas where resources are not readily available or promoted.

Additionally, we are working with partners in developing countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Kiribati and The Solomon Islands, to provide vaccination for girls and screening and treatment of women for cervical cancer. UK has already made significant progress through these programmes. By vaccinating a girl in a developing country, her risk of dying from cervical cancer is reduced by up to 80%, and by screening a woman in a developing country for cervical cancer just once, her risk of dying from it is reduced by up to 40%. 

Everyone deserves to have a fighting chance against cervical cancer regardless of where they live, their race, religion or economic standing. Your support and generosity will help us see this through.