UK Cervical Cancer are working towards the global elimination of cervical cancer.

Our Mission, Objectives & Values

Worldwide, cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer impacting women. Over 300,000 women are expected to die from this disease every year. But when substantial progress has been made to help prevent cervical cancer through vaccination and screening, why is that still the case?

Unfortunately health disparity has a significant effect on cervical cancer incidence rates. We know that women in developing countries are considered the most vulnerable when it comes to developing gynaecological cancers due to a lack of access to testing and preventative resources. Back home in the UK, statistics have shown than cervical cancer is impacting more than 3,000 women per year and is most common amongst women living in deprived areas.

Our Mission

To facilitate programmes both in the UK and Overseas to provide practical resources in support of women’s health and wellbeing and reduce cervical cancer instances amongst low-income or vulnerable women.

Our Objectives

We seek to do this by educating and providing accurate information to all.  We develop and deliver UK and overseas programmes raising awareness, providing support, giving access to screening and vaccination programs as well as conducting research and advocating for government and philanthropic support.

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We encourage community engagement to help spread awareness and invest in long term programmes and services. We aim to ensure that all women and people with a cervix have equal access to testing, vaccination and support for cervical cancer.

Our Values

We aim to aide in the global elimination of cervical cancer by incorporating our values into everything we do. Those values are: