Mission and Objectives

3100 women each year, are diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in the UK (on average over recent years according to Cancer Research UK statistics). Alarmingly over 44 million women in Low and Middle Income Countries will be diagnosed with Cervical Cancer in the next 50 years if primary and secondary prevention programmes are not implemented. (Lancet Oncology, Vol. 20, No. 3, p394–407, Feb 19, 2019). Most of those women will die and leave behind children who will have to grow up without their mother.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Screening and vaccination cervical cancer can be prevented. The Charitable Mission of UK Cervical Cancer is to eliminate cervical cancer and with your help save many of those lives.


Our aim is to preserve and protect health and relieve sickness for the public benefit in the UK or elsewhere through all or any of the following means: 

  1. Providing education about the prevention and treatment of Cervical Cancer and other women’s diseases and cancers; 
  2. Promoting screening, treatment and vaccination for cancer and particularly Cervical cancer; 
  3. Facilitating medical screening, vaccination and treatment of people affected by Cervical and similar cancers; 
  4. Providing support and relief to those in need who are affected directly or indirectly by Cervical cancer and other related women’s diseases and cancers.

Mission, Vision and Objectives 

As can be seen in the Objects above, our vision and objectives are to protect and enhance the health of women in the UK and developing countries by eliminating Cervical Cancer and enabling treatment for women with Cervical Cancer and related health issues. Through our future programmes in support of women’s health and wellbeing, UKCC is committed to improving health and reducing poverty and disadvantage to contribute to sustainable development. Our Charity, UKCC and our programme partners have a policy of zero tolerance to fraud and corruption and to family and sexual violence, particularly against women. 

In very simple terms, our Strategic Objectives are to: 

  • Expand understanding of UKCC and advocate government and philanthropic support for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of Cervical Cancer. Develop financial and funding reliability for budgeted Charity programmes and services. 
  • Build UKCC capacity and reliable systems and processes to support planned programmes and services, through a continuous improvement approach. 
  • Develop stakeholder relationships and implement promotions and marketing to maximise community, corporate and Government support, fundraising, and revenues.
  • Strengthening and Developing Country partner capacity and capability to ensure local programmes have reliable input to monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement.