Key Events and Changes

The whole of the available time, resources and energy of our Charity is aimed at preserving and protecting health and relieving sickness associated with Cervical Cancer in the UK or elsewhere through approach to and use of the following activities:

  1. Providing education about the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer and other women’s diseases and cancers;
  2. Promoting screening, treatment and vaccination for cancer and particularly cervical cancer;
  3. Facilitating medical screening, vaccination and treatment of people affected by cervical and similar cancers;
  4. Providing support and relief to those in need who are affected directly or indirectly by cervical cancer and other related women’s diseases and cancers.

However, in working in this sector we have noticed that there ‘Key events and Activities’ which a significant effect on the activities we are involved in and we list what we believe to be Key Incidents. There may of course be others which we you may believe to be significant, if so please share them with us as we can then pass the details to others involved in this very important area.