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About Us

Our Story

UK Cervical Cancer is a small non-profit charity powered by a team of volunteers. We're committed to creating awareness of how cervical cancer can be prevented.

We work in the UK and developing countries wherever women and their families are disadvantaged.

The Trustees for UK Cervical Cancer came together after realising they shared a mutual desire to see more done for vulnerable women impacted by cervical cancer. They saw the increasing need for help and decided it was time to offer support to women directly.

In a short amount of time, UK Cervical Cancer has made significant strides both nationally and internationally.

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Mission and Objectives

It is very clear to us that we have to develop and work to very clear and achievable Objectives and you will see in the next page, Our Team, that we have key people in place to do so and to recruit others to support us in achieving them. Our Mission, Vision and Objectives are clearly stated below.



Educating women about preventing and treating cervical cancer and other women's diseases is essential for promoting health. By spreading awareness of early detection methods like screenings and vaccinations, and emphasizing healthy lifestyles, communities empower individuals to take control of their well-being. This education also ensures access to timely treatment and support services, enhancing health outcomes worldwide.




Promoting screening, treatment, and vaccination for cancer, especially cervical cancer, is vital for public health. Encouraging these measures empowers individuals to manage their health proactively. Advocating for accessible treatment ensures timely care. Overall, promoting these interventions reduces the burden of cervical cancer and improves health outcomes.

Cancer Screening



Ensuring access to medical screening, vaccination, and treatment for those affected by cervical and similar cancers is essential for better health outcomes. Providing these services enables timely intervention and care, increasing chances of early detection and successful treatment. This proactive approach is crucial for addressing these cancers and promoting overall well-being.




Providing support to those affected by cervical cancer and related women's diseases is essential for their well-being. Offering counseling, financial aid, and access to support groups helps alleviate emotional and financial burdens. Creating awareness and fostering a supportive community are also crucial. Prioritizing support services improves quality of life and ensures compassionate care for those impacted.

Emotional Support
Mission, Vision and Objectives

As can be seen in the Objects above, our vision and objectives are to protect and enhance the health of women in the UK and developing countries by eliminating Cervical Cancer and enabling treatment for women with Cervical Cancer and related health issues. Through our future programmes in support of women's health and wellbeing, UKCC is committed to improving health and reducing poverty and disadvantage to contribute to sustainable development. Our Charity, UKCC and our programme partners have a policy of zero tolerance to fraud and corruption and to family and sexual violence, particularly against women.

In very simple terms, our Strategic Objectives are to:

Expand understanding of UKCC and advocate government and philanthropic support for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of Cervical Cancer.

Develop financial and funding reliability for budgeted Charity programmes and services.

Build UKCC capacity and reliable systems and processes to support planned programmes and services, through a continuous improvement approach.

Develop stakeholder relationships and implement promotions and marketing to maximize community, corporate and Government support, fundraising, and revenues.

Enhancing health, reducing poverty, and addressing disadvantage are critical components in fostering sustainable development and building resilient communities.

Strengthening and Developing Country partner capacity and capability to ensure local programmes have reliable input to monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement.

Helped so many lives

As a cervical cancer survivor, I owe a debt of gratitude to UK Cervical Cancer. Their comprehensive approach to combating
this disease, from awareness campaigns to funding research, has made a tangible difference in countless lives, including mine.

Laura Adams

Cervical Cancer Survivor