Norfolk & Sussex Project

Cervical Cancer in Norfolk

Our aim with this Project is to raise awareness of cervical cancer and what can be done to prevent suffering and death from the disease.

In the County, we estimate that there are approximately 50 cases of cervical cancer and 15 - 20 deaths a year.

Cervical Cancer in Sussex

Over in brighton, by volunteering in prjects such as TDC (Trust for Developing communities. we have been delivering HPV presentations to staff along with sessions on cervical sreenings, bowel cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer we aim to help further educate about prevention.

We have been working with members of communities such as the gypsy travellers to learn more about troubles faced so that we may help similar groups better in the future.

Windmill in Norfolk
Sussex Landscape

our project aims to target as many women, youngsters, and students as possible and our key messages and actions are:

All women need to attend regular cervical screening.

The HPV vaccination is important and helps to protect individuals from the disease.

In particular, we need to access deprived and vulnerable groups of individuals in the county and raise awareness of screening and vaccination.

We have established five groups:

  • Schools,
  • Social Services,
  • Medical Practices,
  • Religious and
  • Community Groups.

We want to partner with members of these groups to raise awareness, access vulnerable and deprived individuals, those suffering from socio-economic and physical conditions or learning disabilities, domestic violence and transgender/non-binary treatment.

How can we help them?

We provide an “information pack” for members of the groups to distribute to individuals in their groups, using electronic channels including website and social media as well as printed materials. The pack includes:

Flyer being Handed Out
Woman getting Vaccinated
Sticky Notes on a Wall

Please note that the flyers and comfort checklist have been translated into a range of different languages and if required please contact us for alternative versions.

Remarkable Dedication

Having battled cervical cancer myself, I understand the importance of organizations like UK Cervical Cancer. Their dedication to providing resources, support, and advocacy for patients
is remarkable. Thanks to their efforts, I felt empowered throughout my journey. Let's stand together in gratitude and support for UK Cervical Cancer.

Laura Adams