you can help us in a number of areas dependent on what you wish to do and the amount of time you are happy to give us.

Marathon Running

Listed below are the areas you could be involved in as:

  • An Ambassador
  • A member participating in an Adventure Challenge
  • A Fundraiser
  • A Team Leader working in a host of Areas
Office Desk

Creating Exciting Oppurtunities

UK Cervical Cancer has been established as a charity in the UK where there is very exciting opportunity for passionate people to join our mission to save women's lives. We are looking for volunteers and one or more Trustees based in the UK who can help us in the following roles.

  • Trustee with Medical and or Fundraising experience
  • Admin and Marketing supporters to help us save lives
  • Volunteers to help us raise funds and save lives

Want to get involved?

If you have time to help us save lives please look at the Get Involved page where we provide basic information about what we do, all of which is detailed in this website along with details of the people we are looking for.