Meet the Team

Trustees and Board members

As a new charity in the UK, we're excited to introduce our dedicated team. Led by experienced leaders, our staff and volunteers are passionate about making a difference. Together, we're committed to our mission of creating positive change in our community.

A Group of Hands

Joe Tooma


Since beginning the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation in 2008, his vision has enabled over 150,000 girls to be vaccinated in Nepal, Bhutan, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Kiribati and over 94,500 women to be screened for Cervical Cancer in Nepal, Philippines, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Vietnam.
With Joe's leadership, thousands of school students have taken part in ACCF's Cervical Cancer Program for Schools (CCAPS) since its inception in 2009, a program that began with one school presentation in Brisbane in 2008 and now reaches students throughout Australia.
Joe is an engaging advocate for women and has given keynote speeches at conferences in Australia, New Delhi and Japan. He is a key influence for Cervical Cancer prevention and awareness.

Ms Denise Lee

Trustee and Director

Ms Denise (Nicky) Lee is a professional charity fundraiser manager who has worked with many charities over 17 years. Nicky also has over 20 years' experience in business management.
Before pursuing fundraising as a career, Nicky undertook various activities for her local New South Wales community organisations such as Surf Lifesaving and the Bush Fire Brigade. She also brought the Oxfam "Walk against Want" event to her local area of Coffs Harbour.
In 2005, Nicky earned a Master of Teaching Degree, which included a major in working with intellectual and physically challenged children. Nicky grew up with an understanding of disability. Her mother contracted polio as a child and Nicky saw first-hand how disadvantage impacts acceptance in society and the difficulties people face every day.
Nicky has lived and worked in the United Kingdom and currently resides in Sydney, Australia.

Melvyn Hill

Trustee, CEO and Chair

After seven years of teaching as a Head of Department and House Master in Secondary Modern and the largest Comprehensive School in the UK Melvyn returned to Bath University and obtained an Economics Degree.
He followed this up with a period of lecturing and research at Oxford University where he worked with key Trades Union and Government Activists in further development of the UK Strategy for State Pensions and the Minimum Wage.
After his time at Oxford, Melvyn decided to enter the world of Commerce at a very opportune time with the introduction of the 1974 Employment Act and over a period of twelve years he served as Employment and Personnel Director of several key blue-chip companies. During this time, he concentrated on the development of HR and Payment Systems based on performance and equity along with strategic approaches to Operations and Distribution. The experience he gained with these important companies enabled him to become a consultant and director working with a number of SMES and larger Blue-Chip organisations.
Retiring some fifteen or so years ago, he believes in giving something back from and started to work with Charities, raising funds for them as well as establishing new Charities.
To do this, he set up an organisation that raised many millions of pounds for large and small Charities, mainly involved with medical and children's care activities in the UK and overseas. During this time, he became a Director and Treasurer of The Lotteries Council and assisted in the development of new Charities.

Jenny Greenfield

RN, RM, BSc (hons), PG cert, MSc. DSRH, FRT

Jenny has worked in General Practice for over 30 years. Before this she worked as a Midwife and District Nurse in the Sussex area. She has been involved as a Lecturer Practitioner at her local University for several years, running Cervical Screening and Women's Health training for post registration nurses, as well as a Lead Practice Nurse within her local CCG. Within the last 20 years she has developed a special interest in Women's Health, including contraception, sexual health and the menopause. This led to her becoming the Nurse Consultant in Public Health, for cervical screening and immunisations in East Sussex. Her role has continued to develop and she is now, not only a Faculty Registered Trainer (FRT) for contraception, but has also represented nurses within the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health (FSRH) and was one of the first nurses in the country to hold FRT status. Jenny has an MSc in Professional Development and Education. Jenny has worked as a Nurse Manager in a large busy surgery along the south coast, as well as being an independent trainer for women's health and cervical screening. Her training covers Kent, Surrey and Sussex. She is on the editorial board for Practice Nurse Journal (and has been on the advisory board and a peer reviewer for Jo's Trust).

Chris Brient


I have been in the logistics industry pretty much all my life starting from the ground floor as a document courier to running the cargo handling department of a large UK airline and progressing to running my own global logistics company.
In 1981 I started my own freight forwarding business growing to three UK offices until I sold to one of the largest privately owned logistics companies in the UK in 2021. So 40 years of management responsibility which has given me huge experience in handling people, finance, the ever changing globalisation and transportation world we live in.
I look forward to utilising my skills to help the charity move forward and achieve it's goals of providing education and information to enhance the understanding of people towards cervical cancer.

Helped so many lives

As a cervical cancer survivor, I owe a debt of gratitude to UK Cervical Cancer. Their comprehensive approach to combating
this disease, from awareness campaigns to funding research, has made a tangible difference in countless lives, including mine.

Laura Adams

Cervical Cancer Survivor