Adventure Challenge

Could you be on our next Adventure challenge?

We've been to some amazing locations to participate in Adventure Challenges. All combined with volunteering for our mission - the elimination of cervical cancer.

Could you join us? There are no skill requirements, only the desire to make a difference in the lives of girls and women in disadvantaged areas of developing countries.

Person in the Wilderness

What happened on previous challenges?

Child at the Bottom of Long Flight of Steps

Volunteers in past events have been involved in some hands on painting or light construction work at a clinic in Nepal that we support with our Australian Partners, Australia Cervical Cancer Foundation.

They also developed fundraising - using their time, energy and efforts to raise much needed funds to screen women and vaccinate girls in places like Nepal or Bhutan.

Each adventure challenge is different, and they were all exciting. So, what are you waiting for?

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Life-Changing Support and Prevention Initiatives!

Their proactive education on prevention, is truly commendable. Through their efforts, they're not only saving lives but also
shaping a future free from the threat of cervical cancer. Join me in supporting their mission.

Emily Watson

Senior Nurse