UK Cervical Cancer sees a future where preventing Cervical Cancer is within reach both in the UK and other parts of the world.

Our charitable mission is to protect and preserve women’s health no matter where they live by eliminating Cervical Cancer and ensuring that children don’t have to grow up without their mother.

What we do and who we work with

Provide education and conduct research

Promote the advancement of saving lives

Facilitate medical screening and treatment

Provide support and relief to those in need

Cervical Cancer should be
almost 100% preventable

 There were over 3126 cases of Cervical Cancer in the UK in
2015 according the Cancer Research UK statistics. 99.8% of cases are preventable

Just £10

Can pay to vaccinate a school girl or screen a woman for Cervical Cancer

Adventure Challenge

9 in 10 woman who die from Cervical Cancer live in poor countries. This means some of the most vulnerable women in our world are dying unnecessarily

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UK Cervical Cancer Checklist

Introducing the UK Cervical Cancer Comfort Checklist for a more comfortable Cervical Cancer screening