Fundraising Policy


As a caring and thoughtful Charity, all the activities we are involved in to achieve our overall objects as contained in our Memorandum and Articles of association stated below are carried out within the terms of The Charity Commission and all associated Organisations and Legislation. Our objects to advance the health of the public in the UK or elsewhere are:

Regarding all of our fundraising activities we are meticulous in ensuring that all of them are compliant and operated at the highest possible ethical level within the constraints of the Codes of Practice of the Fundraising Regulator and Gambling Commission Licence conditions and codes of practice (LCCP) and all activities are governed by the Policies and Procedures detailed below. We will only work with our contractors and suppliers that have the same approach to compliance and operate policies in line with ours. Furthermore, we will also be members of industry sector and commercial bodies who will provide support and enhance our ability to working within stronger compliance boundaries.

It is also very clear to us that the market sector in which we are operating is constantly changing meaning that we have to have procedures in place to ensure that we are aware of the changes and deal with them in an appropriate manner. Furthermore, as we grow, we will also be looking to establish ways in which we can improve the ways everyone with whom we are working is aware of changes and necessary actions to deal with it. At the moment as a very small organisation, the Operations and Fundraising Director will have responsibility for ensuring that we devise and implement appropriate Policies and Procedures, that they are reviewed and assessed, and changes made when needed. Finally, in line with LCCP, we will ensure that Data required by the Gambling Commission is available on demand and are staff are available for discussion as and when required.

2.0 Policies and Procedures, Memberships and Third Parties

In essence, this policy summarises our approach to Fundraising by stating our position in the following ways:

2.1 Full Policies and Procedure Documents

2.2 Statement of Other Policy Matters

As in some cases we may be working with others in the sector, including an ELM and Tele-Marking Contractor, the matters detailed below will be dealt as stated:

2.3 Memberships and Registrations

As we develop our approach where appropriate, we will ensure that we become members of:

2.4 Standards for Third Party Suppliers

Contractors and Suppliers who adhere to the principles and practices detailed above and as follows:

Furthermore, it is key that this policy applies to anyone working within the Charity or any organisation working on our behalf in any Fundraising capacity including carrying out Tele-Marketing, Mail and Online and External Lottery Management Activities.