Professor Ian Frazer talks about the Gardasil HPV

Ian Frazer - The man who saved a million lives by Madonna King Book Cover

Cervical Cancer is the only cancer that is preventable via vaccine.

The discoveries made by Professor Ian Frazer and his late colleague; Jian Zhou led to the world’s first vaccine for cervical cancer. Gardasil is now used in 121 countries and has been administered more than 125 million times. The vaccine could eventually protect 28 million women from cervical cancer by 2020.

In the enclosed video, Professor Ian Frazer talks about the vaccine, its development and use around the world.

Prof. Ian Frazer has become a household name due to the amazing work he has done to reduce the chance of precious women across the world being diagnosed with the life-threatening disease, Cervical Cancer.

Ian Frazer’s biography details the real story of this Scottish-born Australian of the Year, co-inventor of the HPV vaccine. Written by Madonna King, an award winning journalist, she tells of the ongoing struggle for funding cancer research, the herculean international legal battle waged to win the patent, the devastating loss of his friend and co researcher, Dr Jian Zhou, and Ian Frazer’s ongoing commitment to have the vaccine made available in the developing world.

The book is available to be purchased online or from most bookstores.

Professor Ian Frazer