If a cancer was 99.8% preventable…
wouldn't you want to know about it?

Cervical Cancer is genuinely 99.8% preventable,but sadly it is still taking lives.
Researching Cancer

Our aim is to help eliminate Cervical Cancer.

We do this by educating and sharing information, helping to protect every woman's health.

How we help
Pile of Books

By raising public awareness education saves lives.

Hanging Lights

By providing information about the prevention of cervical cancer.

Holding Hands

By providing support about screening and to anyone affected by cervical cancer.

Get in touch

Email us here or visit our contact page. Ask us anything. We will answer any questions you have about cervical screening, HPV, cervical cancer or vaccination.

We cannot provide medical advice. Always speak to your doctor.

Life-Changing Support and Prevention Initiatives!

Their proactive education on prevention, is truly commendable. Through their efforts, they're not only saving lives but also
shaping a future free from the threat of cervical cancer. Join me in supporting their mission.

Emily Watson

Senior Nurse